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The withdrawal of opiates is associated with great anxiety and uncertainty for those affected and their families. Will I be in pain? How quickly will I recover? And above all: Can I ever successfully get rid of painkillers or drugs? The sustainable "ANR" procedure offers a way out of addiction and hope for people who have long since given up on it.


An addiction can affect anyone and affects all walks of life. What all those affected have in common is the "craving", the insatiable desire for the substance, which becomes ever greater and at some point determines everyday life, restricts it and ultimately destroys it.


Responsible for this unbearable feeling are the receptors in our brain. Dependence on opioids - whether they are medically prescribed painkillers such as morphine, illegal drugs such as heroin or substitutes such as methadone - changes their structure and functionality. As long as these receptors do not function properly, the desire for the drug remains even after physical withdrawal. As a result, most patients eventually give in to their cravings because the pressure and suffering is too great. ANR can reverse these changes in the body and successfully treat addiction.


ANR is short for "Accelerated Neuro Regulation", meaning a readjustment of the nervous system. In Switzerland, this procedure is performed at the Hohmad Clinic in Thun under the direction of the physician and researcher Dr. André Waismann. The core treatment is a medication-only procedure under general anesthesia, in which the body detoxifies within 5 to 6 hours under constant supervision. The opioid receptors in the brain are readjusted. This is because ANR is more than "just" a withdrawal: this new setting also prevents the return of the physical desire for opiates. Thus ANR offers a real chance to remain opiate-free and to lead a life in freedom.

Are you affected yourself or do you know someone who is addicted?

The ANR Guide for Affected Persons or Relatives tells you whether you or someone close to you can have the ANR procedure.


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